Beginning with an assessment of your fitness and lifestyle, Mary designs a program that works for you- one that will not only improve your body inside and out, but that you will enjoy.

About Me

Mary Doyle

Mary has been a certified personal trainer with the American Council on Exercise (ACE) since 1998. She has worked with a variety of clients from preteens to seniors, assisting with weight loss, gain and maintenance, injury rehabilitation, strength gain, balance and flexibility.

Beginning with an assessment of fitness, lifestyle and goals, Mary gets to know each client individually and assists in not only attaining their goals, but building a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Mary feels fitness and nutrition affect every aspect of your life, both emotional and physical. All changes need to enhance your life as a whole. She focuses on the importance of balance, helping her clients make fitness plans that fit their lives. Working with Mary means working together.


Mary Doyle - Certified Personal Trainer

"Mary really knows the body and how everything's connected! She's helped me with my nerve disease and the doctors are always surprised at how well I'm doing and how strong I am. I'm sure it's mostly because of her."


UCSC Professor

" Mary makes my workouts fun but I always know I'm there to work. She has changed the way I think and feel about being at the gym and I owe a great deal to her for my new transformation and boosted self esteem.."


Literacy Instructor

Mary trains from Capitola to Ben Lomond as well as online. Home visit travel time subject to additional fee.