meet mary

Meet Mary
Mary has been a full time personal trainer for over 20 years. She has trained in clubs, studios, her home and client’s homes. Currently she is the Fitness Director at Capitola Fitness where she manages the aerobics, personal training and nutrition departments. Even if she is not the trainer for you with a staff of over 10 trainers she is happy to help you find the right fit!
She oversees 4-5 weight loss contests a year to help members and clients stay accountable and on track. She and her colleague Joan Romero give 4 free “chats” a year at the club which they then video and place online for viewing anytime. Topics range from lifestyle changes, nutrition to exercise.  See the Fit Options page for her free tips on getting yourself moving everyday!



Mary’s Certifications

  •  American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer
  • Senior Fitness Specialist
  • Orthopedic Exercise Specialist
  • Functional Training Specialist
  • Brains and Balance Past 60 Specialist
  • Nutrition Specialist

Training with Mary has changed my life! Her knowledge of body mechanics and her innate ability to personalize my workout regiment has made all the difference. Mary’s energetic style and passion for fitness makes getting into shape fun.


Veterinary Hospital Manager

I am a “senior”, and after several falls I started working with Mary. She is helping me recover my balance and strength, as well as preserve my flexibility and combat the pain from arthritis.


Episcopal Deacon

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