So I had my rant on coconuts last week and you thought, hey Mary’s gotta be done ranting, she seems like such a quiet person. But no. As long as America keeps obsessing about everything I have plenty to say and it’s all bottled up and needs to come out! Good Lord people! Only in America, Land of Everything is eating so blasted complicated!

AND why do we get so locked onto the “next trend” food/nutrition/product/diet that we forget the one from last month/year? Ya know, the one that was the end-all answer.

AND it’s awesome when we get distracted eliminating something we forget all about what we eliminated last year that didn’t work.

It’s all over the internet and Facebook. I know you have seen the perky blond girls bouncing at you with the latest belly fat buster, ab workouts, detox plan. They are jumping through the screen at me before I’ve even had my coffee! I’m looking around my desk for an elephant tranquilizer gun! AND it wouldn’t bother me so much if PEOPLE I KNOW hadn’t liked their pages! Makes me crazy! Guess that’s what sparks the rants. One of the was touting the benefits of Himalayan Sea Salt and I know it will suck people down a road of misinformation. Oh my god people!! I am sorry but it is still the same chemical compound. Sodium chloride. The rant of the day.

So what is the problem with excess sodium?

Excess sodium increases blood pressure because it holds excess fluid in the body, making the effect of a balloon being blown up happen in your cardiovascular system, and that creates an added burden on the heart. Too much sodium will increase your risk of stroke, heart failure, osteoporosis, stomach cancer and kidney disease. 1 in 3 Americans will develop high blood pressure in their lifetime!

This is simple:

For the 7th year in a row, the DASH diet was not only named best diet overall but best plan for healthy eating, best diabetes plan and tied the Ornish plan for the best diet for heart health. It was developed to help reduce high blood pressure but has been PROVEN (mind you not anecdotal but proven) to lower blood pressure, improve weight loss, lower blood cholesterol and managing diabetes. Its approach is to eat real food in moderation which in turn reduces sodium (and sugar for that matter). Most Americans if not already on blood pressure medications will be eventually SO PAY ATTENTION! This diet is easy to follow long term because it’s not really a “diet”! Just an easy sensible plan. So boring. So not trendy. I mean you don’t even have to buy a book or need a support group.

Easy to follow, easy to stick with and the most nutritionally sound. It’s the healthier choice so what’s fun in that? Let’s eliminate sugar, wheat, gluten, meat, figs….wait, what? an ever-changing array of confusion and stress.

  • Have trouble sleeping  cuz you’re up 50 times to pee? Cut sodium.
  • Have trouble with inflammation and swelling? Cut sodium.
  • Have trouble with overeating? Cut sodium (it overrides feelings of fullness causing over eating).

But Mary! It’s pink and natural! And Himalayan!!

So let’s talk about death, shall we?

Sodium still tops the list of diet influenced cardiometabolic deaths. (preventable diseases that are caused/exacerbated by high/low intake of mineral/vitamin/food group)

That’s right: in 9.5 % of the people who died sodium was a factor.
Yes, sugar is on the list but even with 63 different names for sugar, it’s only #7 on the list.

So even though is pretty and comes in little rocks that you get to grind over your food. IT’S SODIUM! It does the same thing to your body no matter what color or source and you are getting too much already!

Am I telling you to eliminate it? NO! I am saying that before we started sprinkling the new “healthy trendy” sea salt on everything, we already were taking 1,500 mg of sodium a day too much. So why the hell are we adding it?? EVERYTHING IN MODERATION PEOPLE!

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