More Tidbits from “Senior Chat”

As we age our nutritional needs change.
In general – elderly digest protein more slowly and absorb less. For example, a senior has to consume 50g protein to absorb what a younger person would absorb from just 20g.

What are good snacks?
For a pre-workout snack complex carbs are best – for morning that is oatmeal.

Post-workout snacks are more important and should be a simple carb with protein. Sound complicated? That’s a yogurt!
Need more ideas and help with your diet? I work with 2 other wonderful nutrition specialists. Let me know and I can connect you with Joan or Brittany.

Water is important!
Dehydration mimics dementia’s brain changes so stay hydrated!
Medication can change our tastebuds so try naturally flavored water if you have trouble getting those glasses down! Studies have shown we actually drink a lot more when it’s flavored.

Speaking of medication, they can affect balance, heart rate, fatigue, memory, strength, & endurance – be aware of that during any medication change and let your instructor/trainer know!

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