She lost 40 pounds over a couple of years! Not in the 8 weeks. Now regularly participates for accountability to not gain again!

Starting New Contest!

Pick your day to weigh any time between August 10th (Friday) and August 17th (Friday)!
Rules, Where and Why We Started!

We always have clients that have weight loss goals and need a bit of accountability get going and stay on track! We started weight loss contests keeping everyone anonymous to each other. The contests are fun and work well to keep people accountable. Even people that have met their goals continued participating in order to not gain the weight back!

Basic Rules:

If you have entered any previous contest, your starting weight must be within 5 pounds of your last ending weight. Exceptions made for those that meet personally with Mary and present their valid reasons for this occurring…
Anyone with an outstanding balance from a previous contest must pay as Mary covered your debt!

How does it work?

  • Setting a time limit of 8 weeks; everyone put in $5 to start, every week weigh in.

    if you gain – put $5 in
    Stay the same – $3
    Lose? Nothing!

  • Whoever loses the most in the set time period gets the pot.
  • If anyone quits they owe $5 for every week left in the 8 week period.
  • We don’t start on the exact same week/day, just close, everyone
    regardless of the start date has 8 weeks to compete.

If this would be motivating and fun for you –  Talk to us and get involved in the next contest!


Weight Loss Contest Event
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